Memorial Day 2019

CAR CZAR PODCAST 5-24-19 Doug talks about Memorial Day sales, Parking Enforcement chalk, Rolls Royce upgrade Play in new window | Download

PODCAST 5-14-19

Doug discusses Car Dealerships and Tesla. Play in new window | Download

The Car Czar Podcast -E003

Did you ever wonder why buying a new car is such a pain in the ass? There is actually a reason. And it’s the government’s fault. Seriously…I mean why can’t you to go to and buy a truck? Listen to this week’s Podcast and I promise you will laugh and end up being REALLY…Read moreRead more

The Car Czar Podcast – E002

Coming up on the most unhinged automotive podcast in the Country, Doug rants about the latest Audi recall, the Lordstown layoffs, and the dreaded Chevy Cruze…he also reviews the Jeep Compass (which apparently requires a concurrent review of his own genitalia) and talks about the new Ford F-150. We also uncover the mystery about the…Read moreRead more

The Car Czar Podcast – E001

Who Doug is and why is he so…odd. An automotive take you will never forget and featuring a special guest that you will love! Play in new window | Download